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Welcome to the support site for Crags - the climbing log book app for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod).

*** Crags is no longer under active development due to time constraints. If you would like to take on the project let me know ***

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Crags is a simple, easy to use, lightweight iPhone app that allows climbers to log their climbs in the field using their iOS device. We hope climbers of all abilities will find this app useful for logging their climbs.

Crags Features:

New in version 2.0


Crags is developed by James Buchanan on the train on the way to work. His day job is development manager for Red Snapper a web agency based in London

Crags is intended to be quick, simple and easy to use. There seemed to be a lack of iOS apps for climb logging, so it seemed like a good project to test out a new programming framework "Appcelerator"

James is relatively new to climbing, which may explain some of the odd decisions made in creating the app. Please do send us feedback via the feedback forum if you have any useful suggestions.

You can also mail me directly at

Thanks to all those who helped with the app.

Get The App

The app is available free on the app store: Get it now!

Bugs and RFC's

The following is a list of bugs and feature requests that you have told me about. These may or may not make it in to development!

Version 2.1 is available in the app store. Version 2.2 is imminent.

Known Bugs Requested Features